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Restaurant management system

Online Exam Application

Online Exam Application is the best mode to track the student capabilities and test them, propel them in high levels to act their best in the next attack.

The online Exam Portal provides intensive tools to administer, monitor and grade exams on-line.

Online Exam portal is primary want for colleges, universities, teachers, professors, Employees, Partners, Technicians, web site Members, the overall Public, or anyone you would like to allow secure access to your Content. Recruiting agencies. it’s terribly helpful for folks within the educational development of children to enhance their instructional skills. We are offering an unique opportunity for the examiners to create and conduct unlimited online exams for unlimited students without wasting any resources to develop personalize examination software

POS Management

Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems, and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons is that a POS system does away with the need for price tags.

POS system for retail or Retail Management System is easy to use and keeps it keeps track of all transactions, sales , prices and profits.

Software includes various MIS like Periodic Sales, Item wise sales, customerwise sales etc. Total sales and Purchase for a period can be compared to arrive profitability.

Software has Reorder level reporting enabling your business to avoid cases of out of stock situations. The software is demo version and can be customized for your company logo and address on billing document.

Restaurant management system